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Marjorie Treu Private Advisor & Career Transition Consultant for Managers looking to move to Senior-Level Executive

The Cold Hard Facts

  • Number of U.S. Executive Jobs in 2014:  2,467,500
  • Expected Executive Job Outlook 2014-2024:  6% (little to no change)
  • Amount of Executive On-the-Job Training:  0%

What does this mean?

Now, more than ever, Managers need a concrete strategy if their goal is to positively influence an organization at the Senior Executive level.

Most managers who are about to enter a transition phase in their career do so without any outside advice, a sounding board per say, to help think through the many questions that are going through their mind like:

  1. Am I really ready to step into an Executive level position at this point in my career?
  2. How do I gain credibility quickly at this new level without any practical experience?
  3. How do I position myself as a serious candidate for an Executive level opening?
  4. What are the current competencies and skills necessary to be an effective Executive?
  5. What gaps must I close now to be prepared for a Senior-level Executive position once one becomes available?

…there’s a lot more to Your Next Career Move

than having technical experience or a large LinkedIn network.

You’ve worked hard for years building your management skills. You know how much value you’ve contributed to your organization and that’s worth plenty to an Executive team at the next level in your career. 

The question is – How do you even start thinking about your next career move when you aren’t near ready to jump to the Executive level today?

The gap between the idea of moving up and actually landing a Senior-level Executive position on your terms and at the time you want – can be very wide and very deep.

You may not believe this yet but there are truths about getting to the Senior-level Executive position in an organization:

  1. Gender is not a distinguishing factor.
  2. Age is not a distinguishing factor.
  3. The number of senior-level positions is not a distinguishing factor.
  4. Experience is not a distinguishing factor.

Many Managers simply don’t know what they need to know to prepare for designing, rehearsing and landing an Executive level role. Career Transition strategies are not just about making more money. Managers often have other goals such as establishing a leadership legacy, continuing a corporate social conscience, and ensuring life balance remains for their family.

… No matter what career transition strategy you choose – you can guarantee your best outcome by simply this: PLANNING IN ADVANCE. There are immediate benefits to getting started preparing your next career move.

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A personal note from Marjorie…

It takes one standing in the shoes of an executive to understand the real world of an executive.  Over the course of my career I’ve been promoted and unprepared, down-sized and devastated, forced out and fired. Some of the events were expected, some came as a blessed relief, and some defined my character which led to living out clear values.  And, I learned valuable lessons from each experience.

About half-way through the last decade, I realized these significant career transitions were being faced by other talented managers around me.  It didn’t matter whether my employer was in banking, manufacturing, retail, information technology, or business services.  Regardless of your industry, recent business trends and the economy are volatile.  Now is the time to regain control and carve out the path to senior-level executive with clarity and on your terms.

How do I know this?  Because I’ve jump-started a stalled career path to a senior-level position when I thought it was impossible. I’ve learned from executives what it takes to get to and stay at that level in an organization. I’ve had the privilege of being a personal advisor and career transition consultant to men and women who want to take their leadership skills to the next stage of influence.

You have innate skills, abilities, and talents ready to lead a team that positively impacts an organization’s customers.  You have the drive to contribute on an executive-level team. You have a desire to build the best life for your family.

And, you also have blind spots that can hinder you from stepping up to the next level sooner rather than later.  Gaps that are keeping you at a manager-level and not being considered as a viable promotion candidate.  I had to rethink how to prepare for and confidently move from management to an executive leadership position.

I developed the Career Transition Process™ to pass on my learning on what it takes to move up the ranks of an organization and how to deliver on the expectations of your new role quickly.


phtMarjorieTreuMarjorie is a Private Advisor and Career Transition Consultant for Managers looking to move to Senior-level Executive as well as a keynote speaker, author, and workshop leader for Your Next Career Move, a professional development practice dedicated to partnering with Managers to help build a deep foundation for their work life.

She brings 20 years of leadership and training experience into the professional development arena with focus on building balance between life and business. After serving as President for the Southeastern Wisconsin chapter of ATD (Association for Talent Development), Marjorie has helped small business owners and Fortune 500 companies alike with consulting, training, coaching, and leadership workshops.

Marjorie’s own leadership journey has been a tumultuous one starting within the Chicago travel industry. She was promoted in several companies based on her technical experience, and became the manager of multiple corporate travel agencies.

No one prepared her for the move from ‘colleague’ to ‘manager,’ and her first leadership position ended in termination – a blow to both ego and reputation! During months of reflection on what went wrong, Marjorie began her search for being the kind of leader people respect, understand, and follow.

This journey took her into the unfamiliar environments of retail, banking, and manufacturing. It allowed her to gain perspective in human performance from assembly line to the board room. It was also an education on management trends, how people really want to be treated, and the pitfalls of corporate life. Today, she consults with Fortune 500 and small businesses on performance improvement for talent at all levels in an organization. She specializes in team leadership and development.

While Marjorie is best known for her consulting and leadership expertise, her clients share that her biggest impact comes from her philosophy of incorporating humor, experiential activities, and authentic caring into every interaction.

Marjorie’s passion for the next generation of leaders was the driving force behind writing her book – The 78 Biggest Mistakes New Managers Make: What You Need to Know to Avoid Career Suicide.  She firmly believes that following the practical tips outlined will prevent leaders from losing years of advancement opportunities. More importantly, they build teams that produce bottom-line results quickly.

She is finishing her second book, Your Next Move: 10 Myths Every Manager Must Know To Move To Senior-Level Executive With Confidence and Clarity, for release in Summer 2016. This book shares valuable insights into trending philosophies which stop Managers from achieving their goal of landing an Executive position. Her Career Transition Method™ offers guidance and a strategy to regain control of your upward career path.

Marjorie most enjoys sharing her message in person, and has spoken on stages around North America, communicating her message of professional growth and leadership empowerment in business. Her signature talk – The Hardest Person To Lead Is Always Yourself – offers both practical and inspirational strategies to create the work life you desire to lead.

Marjorie currently calls Atlanta home with her two miniature schnauzers, Sadie and Sasha, and encourages new, old, and not-yet friends to network any time for coffee!

To see what Marjorie is working on, connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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